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We have placed puppies in loving homes over the past few years and acquired many friendships along the way. Below are just a handful of references from some of those happy families:

Andrew & Jennifer Foley

"Andrew and I just wanted to thank you so much for giving us the
 literally, the best dogin the world. He is the most affectionate, loving,
and playful dispositioned dog we could have ever hoped for.
 Andrew has been taking him out to the field a few times and loves
 the birds! So I'm sorry this email is so late, but I thought you were
owed a special thank you for making us two very happy parents to 
our little Ryley. I have already recommended you to several other families"

Terri Smith

"I honestly couldn't have asked for a sweeter,
more affectionate, and playful dog. She honestly 
thinksshe is a lap dog. The moment you sit on the floor, 
she's there trying to sit her 50lbs. of cuteness right on
your lap! Sienna is also incredibly smart and loyal.
 She is great with kids, which I'm sure is a result of her being exposed to kids when she was 
with you. I'm constantly being complimented on what a sweet dog I have. She gets along with 
every animal and person she has ever been in contact with. I can't imagine life without her! 
Thank you for breeding such a wonderful companion. I love the fact that you don't operate some big kennel and just produce puppies all year long. I think it shows that you take real time and attention when you do have a litter, to make sure that they get tons of attention and affection.I would recommend anybody looking for a Vizsla to contact you."

Rob & Kate Hyatt

"Buck will be four this November, and ever since we got him, he has 
been a loving member of our family. He truly got me through some 
rough times after we had moved out-of-state. He is sensitive and 
kind-hearted. He has even become buddies with a few of our friends' 
children who are very afraid of dogs. He is extremely gentle with our 
daughter, who will be two this September. He still has a lot of puppy 
in him and loves to play frisbee or catch or anything else with anyone 
who is willing. And though he is excited to greet any guests, he will go
 and lay down on command and calms down very quickly.  Thanks for 
letting us adopt our "firstborn" and adding so much life and love to our family."

Brian & Tracy Neurohr

"I can't thank you enough for Sage. She has already figured out 
that she needs to go outside to go to the bathroom and even tells 
us when she needs to! I can't believe how easy to train she has
been! Well hope you like the pics and hope everything
is going well for you! Thanks again!"

Brian Johnson

"Abby will be 3 on the 29th and has been an absolute joy to own. 
She has earned her JH and is almost broke for MH. 
Natural retriever and awesome field dog with moderate range. 
But, most importantly a sweetheart at home with babies, kids, and friends."

Tim & Ann Kuehnel

"Nick: Four years ago, we travelled 800 miles round-trip to get 
a puppy from you. Her parents are Pete and Penny. We could not 
have asked for a better dog! Shelby is a huge part of our family and 
gets along well with everyone, including the kids, two other dogs, 
and a cat that claims her as his own. I would recommend one of your
 vizslas to anyone. We love all three of our dogs, but vizslas are 
amazing! Other people have mentioned that they are lapdogs. True! 
Other have mentioned they like to sleep in beds. True! Shelby likes 
to be where people are. She is loyal and obeys commands every time. 
She has been easy to train and is a very gentle, excellent house dog. 
Thanks so much for raising such perfect dogs."

Pat Elnicki  
Lancaster, PA

"Reecie has turned out to be one of the most beautiful, healthy, friendly and active Viszlas we've ever known. We take her to doggie day care a couple times a week and the owner said to me a couple times that she's the most playful dog there, and that they put her in with a lot of new dogs to make them feel at home. She's very outgoing with dogs and people, not agressive in the least, and hunts birds and rabbits like a machine. We've had her on LONG pheasant and quail hunts since she was 3 months old and one of her first times out she got 6 birds by herself. Absolutely no gun shyness or fear of loud noises. I highly recommend your Vizslas to anyone wanting a loving, energetic companion for outdoor pursuits, whether hiking, hunting or just exploring. And of course they MUST be able to sleep in your bed at least a couple times a week. We will definitely call you when we're ready for another one!"

Dan O. Foreman

"Hey Nick,I don't know if you remember me but I bought a pup from you 
in August 06. I just thought I would let you know that he is doing great and is a
wonderful dog! He's a very obedient, smart andloving boy whom takes up 
all my free time...I just wanted to say that it was nice to meet you and thank
you for a wonderful dog!"

Johanna Peters

"Hi Nick, we have been more than happy with our Vizsla "Chase"!
 Here are some various photos attached taken through the years. 
I will forward some additional photos of her in action as a therapy dog. 
I have never had a dog that gets along with every dog/cat/hamster etc. 
she comes in contact with, as in the attached photo -this was within
the first hour of meeting this cat. She is a very calm dog indoors and
 lots of energy outdoors! She is extremely affectionate with all she meets, 
smart as a whip, and a quick learner. I absolutely adore her!"

Doris Stevenson

"Nick, I can't tell you how much we have enjoyed Molly.  
She is sweet, affectionate, submisive to other dogs,
protective of me, and best of all, a great lap dog.  
We love her to death. I am so excited to learn
that you are still raising puppies that we are tempted
to get Molly a baby cousin. She loves to romp with
other dogs. My daughter has two dogs, both pound pups.
Molly loves when they come to visit. Oh yes, I almost
forgot. One of my daughter's dogs taught Molly to
fish. Molly jumps in off the dock trying to catch them!  
No luck so far. Best to you and your family"

Darin & Cathy O'Brien

"Thought you might like to see a pic from today of a couple
of Dina and Petey's boys that we have. Fisher (orange collar R side) 
is from a litter July '05, and Kodiak (Green collar L side) is from 
a litter Aug. '07. Both have brought us so much joy {most of the time :)}, 
are great hunters, and are truly part of our family. We get so many
compliments, and many people ask where we got them. Your kennel 
is blessed with some wonderful bloodlines, and we are so happy 
we came across your kennel. Thank you!"

Steve and Janet Eisele

"Here is our gorgeous Auggie. He is about 40 lbs. What a tremendous 
dog he is and what a joy he is to Steve and me. He is incredibly alert, 
focused, trainable, and affectionate  We suspect he would be a 
tremendous hunter if we were hunters. We do take him to the field 
at least once a week and let him track. Steve also has him retrieving 
beautifully in the back yard. He also is a bit of a performer and therefore 
responds so well to obedience training." 

Michael E. Katzenstein

"​Nick: I wanted to tell you what an amazing dog Roux is and what a terrific addition she has been for our family. Terrific hunter, unbelievable companion, faithful friend (sleeps under the covers with my son jack every night with her head on her own pillow), runs 4-10 miles a day with me, feared by every squirrel in the neighborhood…she is as terrific a dog as we could have ever have hoped for. Every day my kids rush in from school to give her love and attention. I am hoping that my wife will soon let us get another pup from you. Many thanks."

Chuck Parker

"Hi Nick - I just thought I would drop you a note and a couple of pictures
 of Max (our puppy from Penny and Pete's last litter). He is a very intelligent 
quick learning dog and very affectionate. He has been at the trainers this 
week and the house is not the same with him not around. I took him down
 there earlier in the month to expose him to some live birds and he just loved 
that, he was retrieving live pigeons after the second toss (which I pretty 
impressed with that alone), so I thought it would be good for him to spend
 a couple of weeks working with the live birds since I just don't have the 
resources to get him that exposure, I think once he figures out what he is 
suppose to do in the field he is going to be really fun to hunt with.
 Feel free to use the pictures on your web site (or where ever) and I would
 be willing to be a reference if needed. Thanks again, we really are enjoying 
our new addition - I will keep you posted how he is coming along in the field."

Janey Walls

"Hi Nick, we got our Vizsla puppy back in March from the Feb 2nd litter...he
 is an absolute love. He's definitely picked me as his favorite, and I'll take it!  
He is so sweet, full of energy, and HAPPY! We take him to the dog park a 
few times a week, go on long walks, take him to play with friends' kids, play 
in a local field with neighborhood dogs, and play in our yard for hours. He's
 been such a great addition to our home, though our cats aren't particularly 
crazy about him yet...thank you for such a great dog!

Kelli Parsons

"Hi Nick, we hope you are well. I thought you might enjoy seeing a photo 
of Henry (AKC name Kentucky Statesman) at 16 weeks.  
He's growing up fast -- already 32 pounds of energy and happiness.  
Henry is a wonderful addition to our family!"

Nicole Theriot

"Hi Nick, wanted to share some photos of Abby. She will be 10 months
 tomorrow. She's full of energy and an attention hog. No big surprise as 
she's a Vizsla . She has a "sister" Elly who is a lab mix that I adoped a 
week later. Elly is 3 weeks older and they are pals. She's been healthy
 and happy and everyone who sees her remarks on how beautiful she is. 
She was 46 lbs the last time I weighed her about 3 weeks ago but I imagine 
she's hit 50 by now as there is nothing wrong with her appetite! They call
 her the model at the vet's office because of her long legs. She is a joy.
Thanks very much.